Make a difference in your community. High Plains Fair Housing Center is recruiting volunteer testers to help identify housing discrimination. 


Volunteer testers pose as potential renters or buyers of apartments or homes. They document their experiences, which can then be compared with the experiences of other people searching for housing, to determine if discrimination is occurring. The Supreme Court has long recognized the importance of testing in fighting housing discrimination.  


Help promote fair housing in North Dakota. We need volunteer testers of all genders, races, religions, national origins, abilities, and sexual orientationsAttend the training to learn more. Your involvement can make a big difference. 


  • On-call, volunteer position with a paid stipend. 

  • Commitment of a few hours a month. 

  • Training provided. 


Testers earn a stipend of $20-$5for each assignment. 


$10 when you complete the training additional $40 when you complete training assignment For more information please call Michelle Rydz at 701-203-1077 or


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